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Chandler in Higher Education - "Westwood"

  1. OSAF receives $2.75 million in grants
  2. Westwood Requirements
  3. Recent developments in Chandler in Higher Education

OSAF receives $2.75 million in grants to fund development of Westwood

We are very pleased to announce that in September 2003, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the 25 university members of the Common Solutions Group (CSG) have agreed to provide OSAF a total of $2.75 million in grants. These funds will allow OSAF to extend the functionality of the Chandler software application to meet the information technology needs of higher education.

The need to extend Chandler functionality

OSAF’s original development scenario for Chandler targeted the needs of individuals and small organizations. In the spring of 2003, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awarded a grant to OSAF to determine the incremental requirements and to develop a set of recommendations for a higher education version of Chandler to support complex mix of existing infrastructure in universities.

Canoga – our 1.0 release – will be the first stable and robust release of Chandler. Canoga will target mainly info-centric individuals and decentralized groups, and provide core email, small workgroup calendaring, contacts and tasks functionality within a strong information management foundation. The higher education version of Chandler, code-named Westwood, will be built on top of Canoga.


Westwood Requirements

After working closely with representatives from a number of universities we concluded there were four key recommendations for incremental functionality in Westwood:

  1. Nomadic usage and central Repositories
  2. Standards based Calendar Access Protocol (CAP) Client
  3. Full interoperability with standards based infrastructure
  4. Robust security framework

For a detailed look at the analysis of university requirements for Chandler see the following documents:

  1. Power Point slide introduction
  2. Executive Summary of Chandler for Higher Education Report
  3. Full OSAF Report,Chandler for Higher Education (PDF)

We believe this plan to extend the functionality of Chandler complements the excitement of the original Chandler vision with a set of down-to-earth recommendations for meeting the particular needs of universities.

OSAF will seek funding for the additional resources required for the implementation of a higher education version of Chandler.


Recent developments in Chandler in Higher Education

In September 2003, Chandler Product Manager Chao Lam made a presentation to the CSG members on the current status of Westwood. You can see his presentation here.

In January 2004, the Westwood Advisory Council composed of representatives from the CSG research universities and the NITLE liberal arts colleges had its first meeting on the UC Berkeley campus. A Chandler Update (109k pdf file) presentation was made by Chao Lam on the status of the product development. Heikki Toivonen gave a brief presentation on security issues for Westwood (html pages).

In May 2004, the Westwood Advisory Council met at the University of Virginia. Presentations were given with updated material on Chandler status, Calendaring Standards, requirements for Westwood in liberal arts colleges, and a new security proposal for Chandler.

The best starting point for information about Westwood is the main OSAF Chandler Wiki where you will find a section with three main links to work-in-progress on Westwood:

These pages provide access to both our current and archival materials on Westwood planning and development.