Open Source Applications Foundation

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Mission Statement


Create and gain wide adoption of Open Source application software of uncompromising quality.


Build an innovative, sustainable alternative application despite market inertia.


Envision the dream

  • Carry forward the vision of Vannevar Bush, Doug Engelbart, and Ted Nelson of the computer as a medium for communication, collaboration, and coordination
  • Design a new application to manage email, appointments, contacts, and tasks
  • Enable information to be shared easily with colleagues, friends, and family
  • Serve a broad base of users, from casual to technologically advanced
  • Eliminate the requirement for a dedicated server or complex administration
  • Offer a choice of platforms and full interoperability amongst Windows, Macintosh, and Linux versions
  • Leverage our resources by using an Open Source model of development
  • Pay fanatical attention to the quality of the user experience  

Build the product

  • We have sufficient funding for the first release
  • We've assembled a world-class team of developers who are passionate about applications
  • We're talking to users to understand their needs
  • WE're employing a modern architecture: XML, P2P networking, semantic database, cross-platform tool-kit
  • We're building on Open Source components: Python, Jabber, wxWindows/wxPython, ZODB 

Gain adoption in the market

  • Target the specific requirements of individuals, groups, small-to-medium enterprises, and members of multiple groups
  • Provide simple migration paths from existing products for individuals and organizations
  • Support access via the Web, PDA's and other portable devices, in addition to PC's
  • Implement “killer features” and order-of-magnitude improvements in key capabilities
  • Make source and object code publicly available at no charge 

Sustain the project

  • Work with the Open Source community to extend and evolve the code base
  • Encourage firms to offer complementary fee-based services, support, customization and consulting
  • License completely free to developers who redistribute their source code
  • License on a fee basis to proprietary developers who do not redistribute source code, (the fees fund our core development)
  • Maintain our nonprofit status to ensure that all work contributed by the community benefits the community 

Think long-term

  • Evolve the code base into an open, robust platform for high-quality, intelligent, distributed, cross-platform applications
  • Tackle other productivity applications beginning with database management and word processing